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Improve an Ineffective Website

We’ve been building and developing effective websites for more than 25 years, and we’d love to collaborate with you.



Ready to Grow Your Business?

Our website design process involves taking the time to understand your organization and customers, and then building a strategy that is aligned and capable of delivering remarkable results.


Improve your website user experience

Website visitors who can easily navigate your website and find what they are looking for are much more likely to spend time on your site. That means you have more opportunity to build a relationship, earn their trust, and eventually convert them from leads into customers.

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Use analytics to your advantage

When your website is built properly, you can understand what is happening in the background through data and analytics. This means that you can proactively improve website performance to benefit your visitor’s experience and increase your conversion rates.


Generate higher revenue

Professionally designed websites not only look better and work better, but they also attract attention and generate traffic. Allow us to work with you to maximize your website’s effectiveness as one of the greatest tools you have to drive your business forward.

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WSI was founded in 1995 and is an innovative digital marketing agency with offices in over 80 countries. We’ve spent over 20 years helping more than 100,000 companies and large global brands unlock the full potential of their business by leveraging the Internet and its many unrecognized opportunities. We’d be happy to help do the same for you and consult on your digital marketing strategy.  Simply give me a call or email me at to learn more.

Is your checkout process turning customers off?

Your website design can have a direct impact on the success of your inbound marketing campaign. Many people don’t know it, but there are various checkout processes or shopping cart turn offs which send consumers running. Do you know what they are? Does your website have a checkout process that turns your customers off?

Having a smooth checkout process is vitally important if you want your customers to take that final step and complete the sale. Online customers who encounter unexpected detours or a lengthy payment process they didn’t expect, can quickly lose interest and look for similar products and services elsewhere.

Below are a few common shopping cart mistakes:

●      Your site isn’t configured for mobile device use. Having an e-commerce site that isn’t geared towards mobile use, is setting the business up for a loss of sales. Your website, offering online payments must be adaptive and responsive regardless of the size of the screen on which it is being viewed.

●      The checkout process is long and confusing. The checkout point is not the best place to gather all of your consumer’s details or present them with a myriad of other similar product options. Here they want the process to be simple and quick. The longer it takes to checkout, the less potential there is for the sale to be completed.

●      Shipping costs cause a high rate of consumers abandoning the online shopping process. If you only reveal the shipping costs at the end of the checkout process and it’s considered too expensive, the consumer will abandon the purchase. If you offer free shipping, make sure it is well advertised. If you don’t, make sure your shipping rates are made available as early on in the process as possible.

WSI offers professional website design to keep your consumers engaged throughout the shopping process

At WSI we offer professional website design and online marketing services that will engage your customers from the start to completion of their purchase. With our help you will be able to offer your customers an effective e-commerce shopping experience which is simple and user-friendly.

Contact us at WSI to learn more about website design and how your checkout process can affect your inbound marketing efforts.


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WSI was founded in 1995 and is an innovative digital marketing agency with offices in over 80 countries. We’ve spent over 20 years helping more than 100,000 companies and large global brands unlock the full potential of their business by leveraging the Internet and its many unrecognized opportunities. We’d be happy to help do the same for you and consult on your digital marketing strategy.  Simply give us a call or get in touch with us at to learn more.


7 Steps of Highly Effective Websites

Foundational to your Online Success:

Foundational to your online success is your Website because it is the Hub for all Digital Marketing Campaigns.


Because effective websites

7 Steps of Highly Effective Websites:

1.  Discovery – [Be Proactive + Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood]

What are your Needs?  While a website serves many purposes, it’s paramount to understand your audience and meet them where they are at.  Define your Buyer Personas to develop who your customers are.

2.  Budget – [Put First Things First]

Invest is your interactive portal, i.e., website, to

  • Keep your Customers Engaged
  • Create Brand Loyalty.

Don’t starve your Digital Marketing Hub.

3.  Plan – [Begin With the End in Mind]

As part of your overall Digital Marketing Plan is developing your Website.  How will you attract Visitors to your Website?

  1. Pay-per-Click
  2. Social Media
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Inbound Marketing
  5. Display Ads
  6. Retargeting Ads

4.  Design and Build – [Begin With the End in Mind]

Your online objectives guide the construction.

5.  Test and Debug – [Think Win-Win]

Often overlooked, this step ensures Visitors receive your unique quality content and an engaging user experience.

6.  Pre & Post Launch Activities – [Synergize]

Maximize the effect of your Digital Marketing Campaigns.  Include the following:

  • social media coverage
  • search engine exposure
  • data capture

7.  Analyze & Improve – [Sharpen the Saw]

Collect and analyze your date.  Then you can adjust and improve your campaigns to ensure the return on your website investment.

If you would like to develop a Highly Effective Website / Digital Marketing Strategy, get in touch.


5 Tips to Achieve Email Marketing Excellence

Email, together with social media, is a central component of any successful online marketing campaign to provide increasing leads and building customer loyalty.

5 Best Email Marketing Techniques to Achieve Best Results.

1. Make it simple to subscribe

Start with the quality of your list.  Collect data and keep it simple to sign up.  If your list is well targeted, the more likely your emails will be:

  • Opened
  • Read
  • Actioned

2. Use creative subject lines

  • Make your From Address and Subject Line clear for new subscribers. 
  • Correct Frequency and get

This increases trust and encourages subscribers to open your emails.

3. Give subscribers what they want

  • Build your own opt-in list to segments subscribers. This sends the right message to the right people at the right time
  • Discover new ways to improve strategies by analyzing your campaign reports.

4. Use graphics wisely

What works on websites doesn’t always work in emails. 

  • Use good graphics when creating email-friendly
  • designs to reinforce your message and brand.
  • Avoid the risk of an unclear message if images are not loaded properly.

5. Respect a subscriber’s choice.

  • Make unsubscribe process clear and simple. It builds trust and it shows you value subscribers attention and respect their choice. 
  • Confirms your commitment to keep the quality and integrity of your correspondence.

The 5 guidelines will help you benefit from email marketing. It is also a cost effective way to create new business and improve social interaction, encouraging customers to take note and action.

If you would like help to improve the effectiveness of your email marketing, get in touch.


Is Your Website Still Important? 5 Reasons

People use the internet in entirely different ways today as compared to 5 years ago.  New social sites and different devices have flooded the space.

Businesses small and large must adapt to new channels and technologies to stay in front of their consumers. 

With so much B2C interaction taking place on social media websites today, you might wonder whether you actually need a website!  

The following 5 reasons outline why your website is still the most important component in building a successful online business presence.

1. Maintaining Ownership

Own your business web address and website to protect your company’s brand identity.  This will avoid surrendering control of your brand to a third party website and their ads.

2. Your Content, Your Way

Content is still king. To effectively communicate your message across, you must be in control of how your content is presented online.  Maintaining control of the user experience enables you to manage content relevancy and your conversion process.

3. Create a Content Hub

Your website’s blog should be the focal point for your content marketing activities.  Use your social media presence to engage your audience and bring visitors to your website.

4. Attracting Search Traffic

A well-optimized website plays an essential role in attracting valuable search engine traffic. Consumers are still trying to find information by conducting keyword searches in Google and other search engines.

5. Monitor, Tweak, Improve

Analyzing website statistics to measure conversion rates and assessing visitor engagement, improves all of your online marketing activities achieving a return on your investment.

In conclusion, if you want to take digital marketing seriously, don’t neglect your most valuable online resource, your business website.

If you would like help improving your online presence or planning an effective digital marketing strategy, get in touch.