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Author: Rick Knutsen

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How to analyze the results of your inbound marketing strategy

Analytics are the key to measuring the success of your inbound marketing strategy. There are many different analytics software packages available, you just need to find an appropriate one for your business.

Analytics provide both simple and complex information. For example, a simple analysis will show how many social media followers you have, while a more complex analysis will indicate how many visits have been converted into leads. It helps you distinguish which aspects of your inbound marketing strategy, including social media marketing, are working and which are not. It takes the guesswork out of your campaign and instead of just floundering in the dark and hoping for the best, you can actually pinpoint what works and do more of that.

There are five elements of your analytics reports that should be constantly monitored:

  • Visitors – it’s important to take note of how many new and repeat visitors your site has. If it’s generally repeat visitors, then you need to implement strategies to attract new customers.
  • Landing page conversions – this is the percentage of visitors who go on to take some sort of action on your website, whether it is filling in contact details or purchasing a product or service.
  • Most-visited pages – this compares the pages on your website which receive the most and least visits.
  • Bounce rate – this is the rate at which visitors leave your site. Obviously, if it’s consistently high, you need to reconsider the look and feel of your site.
  • Referrals – this tells you where your visitors come from and tracks the path the user took to get to you, which gives you vital information about businesses you could benefit from having a relationship with. It also means people are sharing what you have to say.

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How to use email marketing for market research

Email marketing can be an extremely informative medium when used correctly. There are many benefits which go hand in hand with this specific type of digital marketing.  One of the most prevalent benefits is that you actually get to interact with your target audience and by doing so you are performing accurate market research. There are a few steps to be followed so here are a few things to consider when embarking on email market research.

How to use your email marketing strategy for market research

It is always important to keep in touch with the needs and wants of your desired target market. Therefore, the more familiar you are with them, the greater this will benefit your company’s ability to grow. Here are a few steps to follow when starting your market research:

1.    First, your sales team inbox is a literal treasure box of necessary information. If you wish to get to know exactly what your current audience is searching for, look through the sales team email and see how they interact with your consumer. This will reveal relevant questions which are being raised about certain products/services and give you the ability to better your chances of doing business with non-established customers.

2.    When doing market research via email marketing, always incorporate other social media channels. When you gain Twitter followers, you will be able to look into the profile of the individual following you and assess what topics, accounts and trends interest them.

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Your inbound marketing strategy for Christmas 2015

When it comes to inbound marketing, the holiday season is the perfect time to implement an effective strategy. But what exactly is inbound marketing? How do you put together a strategy? We answer all your questions with this guide to your inbound marketing strategy for Christmas 2015.

What exactly is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is the process of marketing a company through content such as physical products, social media, blog posts, video, eBooks, podcasts and much more. As opposed to paying for ads, billboards and other “outbound” marketing, inbound marketing works to pull customers toward your company and your product through quality content.

Putting together an inbound marketing strategy

The holiday season is the time of year when people are spending their money the most, so implementing an effective strategy around this time is imperative to taking advantage of those potential sales. So where do you even begin? You can start by taking advantage of this checklist special offer which will help guide you through the process. Once you’re ready to begin, give some thought to the following:

  • Make sure you have identified your target audience.
  • Ensure you have clear goals in place – follow the SMART method for this.
  • Optimize your website for search.
  • Make sure that sharing across social media networks is planned ahead and automated if necessary.
  • Create content and share it everywhere.

Once your campaign has kicked off, it’s important to constantly check it to ensure it is still running successfully. Constant monitoring of insights and analytics will help you create reports which can then be used to tweak your campaign. When you’re ready to get started with the most advanced online marketing method, get in touch with WSI. We offer solutions for PPC, paid advertising, content marketing as well as social media marketing. Contact us today.


How to Switch From Outbound to Inbound Sales

A gathering storm

Using digital marketing activities such as search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media marketing, paid advertising, PPC, and email marketing, inbound marketing generates qualified leads and works to build better relationships with current and future customers. This, in turn, drives sales.

By educating and guiding buyers in a courteous, non-intrusive way, we can use the information collected by inbound marketing campaigns to develop a deeper understanding of the buyer’s wants or needs.

We can also use this information to determine exactly when a buyer is ready for a sales conversation, and just what that conversation should be. Ultimately this will lead to:

  • considerably shorter sales cycles
  • better closing rates
  • increased profits
  • bigger commissions and bonuses.

Sounds like a salesperson’s dream! And yet…

The winds of change

Generally speaking, people don’t like change – even if it is change for the better. So you may experience resistance when switching from outbound to inbound sales.

  1. Get everyone on board

From the top down, you need buy-in to make the switch. From senior management, you need investment and authority. Most importantly, you will need to fully align the marketing and sales departments – which is no mean feat!

  1. Create a closed-loop reporting system

Information needs to flow seamlessly between sales and marketing. For marketing to better recognize a quality lead, and for sales to obtain lead intelligence, the systems must be compatible and fully integrated with each other.

  1. Monitor, anticipate, qualify, guide and close

Because inbound sales is about being accessible and using every bit of data to understand your buyers, and how to find a solution to their wants and needs, your sales process will change to:

  1. Monitor and anticipate the buyer’s needs
  2. Qualify who is sales-ready
  3. Educate and guide with your inbound marketing
  4. Close at just the right moment. Watch the dollars flood in!

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5 Digital Trends to Get Ahead

A key factor to gain advantage over your competitors is to detect significant digital marketing trends to take steps to improve your buyers’ experience and increase their engagement.

Here are 5 important trends to help you get ahead

  1. Marketing Becomes Everyone’s Job
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising

converge while online customer behavior evolves. Use participation marketing methods to create engaging content and improve online customer experience.

  1. Content is Still King – as long as it’s Smart Content

Brands of all sizes are becoming publishers. Your content should be focused on:

  • Being useful
  • Relevant

Be more effective in engaging your target audience by tailoring your content to where your readers are in the bind cycle.

  1. Customer Experience is More Important Than Sales Pitches

Marketers who just only sale, will be dismissed by consumers. Throughout the bind journey focus on:

  • Improving buyer experience
  • Providing greater value
  • Offering better customer care
  1. Human Conversations Overpower Corporate Messages

Corporate speak is being replaced by the use of a more humanized approach to engage in with customers.  Creating authentic online connections is becoming more important to grow a loyal customer base.

  1. Be Mobile Ready or Be Left Behind

Mobile web is dominating the internet use, making it vital to create a solid brand experience across mobile devices, including posting social media content that is compatible with all screen resolutions.

In conclusion, adapting your digital marketing plan means you are ready to take advantage of new opportunities that the digital landscape offers, improving:

  • Customer engagement
  • Increasing sales

If you would like help preparing your digital marketing strategy, get in touch.

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Citizens Federal Savings & Loan

Ohio-based Citizens Federal Savings & Loan Association (CFSL) was established in 1885 and has been around for over 124 years. The organization prides itself on providing friendly and personal services to its customers since its inception. CFSL offers a wide range of deposit accounts and lending products to individuals and businesses in the region.

WSI Goals

Design Citizens Federal Savings & Loan’s social media (Facebook) campaign to maximize benefits keeping in mind factors like risk assessment, policy creation, internal procedures and all other issues that impact the banking and financial services.

Target Audience

Current and potential clients.

Services Provided By WSI

  • Designed social media strategy for the company with specific focus on building its Facebook page without violating regulation and compliance issues
  • Tailored the Facebook page to maximize interaction and visibility by including essential social media features like customized cover photo
  • Incorporated special “tab” on the Facebook page to promote a promotional contest designed especially for the company’s customer appreciation celebration
  • Provided extensive support during the initial stages of the social media campaign in reviewing results and providing advice on enhancing strategy and posting efforts

The Results

  • Phenomenal fan growth of the Citizens Federal Savings & Loan Facebook fan page
  • Enhanced brand visibility due to Facebook posts going viral
  • Exposure of company’s products and services not restricted to the local population



Mardi Gras Casino

Mardi Gras Casino is South Florida’s premier casino and gaming destination offering a unique experience with over 70,000 square feet of casino excitement. Located in Hallandale Beach it is a long standing South Florida hotspot, attracting both vacationers and locals for over 70 years.

WSI Goals

  • Strengthen Mardi Gras’ position in Florida’s competitive gaming and entertainment market by improving company’s ranking on Google and other search engines
  • Increase site traffic to the company’s West Virginia Casino & Hotel site
  • Revamp websites of both of company’s properties and incorporate elements like conversion architecture and adequate SEO to maximize ROI
  • Leverage effective digital marketing tools like PPC campaigns, social media marketing and blogs
  • Increase visitors to the casino and reservations at the West Virginia Hotel and help grow membership in their Player’s Clubs
  • Elevate overall awareness of the Mardi Gras brand

Target Audience

Local and visiting casino, racing and entertainment enthusiasts

Services Provided By WSI

  • Provided an effective SEO program consisting of 100 pages of original keyword rich content
  • Built an entirely brand new 100 plus page websites for both Mardi Gras Casinos & Racetracks as part of a comprehensive online marketing program
  • Developed powerful conversion architecture to the company’s site focusing on their key profit centers
  • Provided the websites a new look and feel that has been integrated into the brand’s overall branding
  • Provided daily content updates to the websites
  • Managed the company’s social media marketing campaign; created new Facebook and Twitter pages, posted on them on a daily basis, developed exclusive Facebook and Twitter promotions and run Facebook ads
  • Management of several ongoing PPC campaigns, developing a link building program as well as writing, optimizing and distributing several weekly blogs

The Results

  • Over 300% of increased site traffic volume during the initial 6-month period
  • Dominant position in search pages for over 50 search terms; in several cases they dominated the first page and appeared multiple times with results from the site, blog and video channels
  • Enormously successful pay per click campaign with an average of 122 calls per week at a cost of $2.38 per call in the initial 4-week stage