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Improving Engagement with Social Relationship Management


There’s no doubt that social media provides great opportunities for reaching out and engaging with your customers, but how can you effectively manage that engagement across several social media platforms?

Social relationship management enables you to manage your online engagement efficiently within a team, instead of just one person.

Here are 5 ways social relationship management will improve your ability to listen to and engage with your customers through social media platforms.

  1. Grasp the “Bigger” Picture

A social CRM lets you monitor what customers are saying about your brand online. Your team can:

  • Listen
  • Observe the public consensus of your brand
  • Better understand how to tackle your social media strategy.
  1. Greater Customer Care

Working in a team will enable you to take more care of your customers by:

  • Promptly addressing concerns or inquiries
  • Allowing you to learn from customer insights, to identify and engage with key influencers
  1. Improve Productivity

Collaborating as a team means you can expand current capabilities by sharing social media marketing responsibilities.  To improve your team knowledge, you must understand:

  • Insights
  • Sharing ideas
  • Planning campaigns
  • Making each other accountable
  1. Stronger Brand Loyalty

Providing greater value to customers through social media engagement will result in stronger brand loyalty.  It also humanizes your brand as each team effort joins in the social conversion.

  1. Coordinated Approach

Your social relationship’s solution will allow all your social activity to take place through a central company account.  It will make it easier to:

  • Coordinate your marketing campaigns
  • Assign responsibilities
  • Approve content
  • Manage your team all from one place.

In conclusion, to build better brand awareness and ultimately bring more sales, social relationship management is the best way to:

  • Coordinate your team
  • Monitor social activity
  • Successfully connect your brand with customers on a personal level

Get in touch to find out how social relationship management can improve your social media activities.

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About the Author

Rick spent 20 years in the insurance industry in finance, primarily developing reporting platforms for B & C stakeholders. His ability to speak to consumers of data (managers and analysts) and translate their needs to programmers led him to start his own digital marketing agency in 2004 to develop data driven solutions for business owners. He holds a Masters of International Management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management in Arizona.


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