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Content Marketing: The Lifeblood of Digital Marketing

Summary: Learn all about content marketing, why it’s so important for your business’ digital presence, and get access to all our content marketing resources. Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in July 2020. It’s been updated with additional content in June 2022. A long time ago, marketing involved a lot of interruption.[…]

Cutting Through the Noise: Email Marketing for Businesses

Summary: Email marketing is a powerful type of digital marketing that involves sending emails to a list of customers and prospective clients. Using an email service provider, your business can reach an entire list of customers and potential clients with the click of a button. Editor’s Note: This post was originally published[…]

What is Video Marketing and How Can It Help Generate Revenue?

Summary: Discover the ROI of video marketing, from building trust and awareness with prospects to increasing revenue and profits. Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in November 2020 and has been updated with updated and additional content in June 2022. 4.4 billion – that’s how many blog posts were[…]

Instagram Video Formats Everyone Should Know

Summary: Instagram stories, reels, ads, and feed videos are some formats marketers can leverage. Use them for Instagram video marketing. Read more here. Instagram has more than 1 billion users worldwide, and Instagram video marketing is growing in popularity. According to Instagram, 90% of people on the[…]

Get Retargeting Right with Better Segmentation

Summary: When you segment your audience, you’re able to better understand their needs and motivations. Read more on how you can grow your business with segmentation. Retargeting is an SEO technique using paid advertisements to target audiences that visit a company’s website or social media pages but do not convert into buying a product[…]

How to Leverage the Biggest Social Media Trends in 2022

Summary: Brands need to know what their customers are thinking. So here are some of the biggest social media trends in 2022 you can use to boost your business. Social media marketing opportunities are expanding rapidly, and companies are moving into ecommerce faster than they planned due to the global[…]

A Marketer’s Guide to Amazon Ad Types

Summary: When your name is synonymous with ecommerce shopping, you know that your brand is doing a lot of business. And in this article, we dive into the three types of Amazon ad types: what they are, how they work, and who can leverage them. The benefit of Amazon’s marketing is illustrated[…]

Improve Your Digital Reputation With Social Media and Content

Summary: Your brand’s online reputation is what makes customers and prospects want to work with you. And managing your online reputation in the age of social media can be tricky – here are our tips to help you navigate these waters with ease. Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in February 2020,[…]

LinkedIn Marketing Tips to Grow Your Brand

Summary: As you become more active on LinkedIn, push and challenge your boundaries to brainstorm new and innovative social media marketing tactics to continue growing your company’s online reputation and brand. Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in August 2019 and has been updated with additional content in January[…]