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Marketing tips: How to Live Blog your company’s next event on social media

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Marketing tips: How to Live Blog your company’s next event on social media

Within the world of social media marketing, live blogging is fast becoming widely practiced. Live blogging is exactly what the name suggests, posting a continuous stream of blogs while an event is actually happening, as opposed to writing about the occurrence later. This is a great practice to adopt as it will ensure you are keeping your readers up to date and in the loop of what you are busy experiencing first hand. Running a live blog is not that difficult nor is it as time-consuming as people tend to think. Below we shall discuss a few ways in which you can get into the habit of live blogging at your next event.

Why your company should adopt this social media marketing strategy

Live blogging will boost your company’s social media status that much higher by being able to deliver a “blow by blow” account of the event which you host to your target audience. Here are a few steps to take when organizing a live blog stream at an event which you host, such as a conference:

  1. Position your writer at the back of the conference venue and have them write blog posts while the respective speakers are giving their presentations.
  2. Have them then post a blog per presentation keeping your audience informed about something which they may have loved to have been at, but may not have been able to attend. This will engage them and give them a sense of trust to your company as they still will feel included even if they could not physically be there.
  3. Think of an enticing hashtag to develop to accompany the blog and have the blogger tweet occasional updates on Twitter about their posts and incorporate the hashtag.

Enlist help from the right people

As you can see, there is a bit of preparation required going into live blogging. If you need assistance or guidance through the process, be sure to contact the right people. WSI eBiz Solutions can help you every step of the way through your digital marketing journey. Give us a call today

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