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How Do AI Apps Fit Into Your Digital Strategy and SEO?

January 25, 2023

Summary: Wondering if AI apps are worth your time? Learn how they can help with your digital marketing and SEO strategy in this comprehensive guide.

Would you like to know how to use AI apps while building a digital marketing strategy?

You’re not alone. The rise of readily available and user-friendly artificial intelligence (AI) applications started in 2022 and has continued to grow rapidly into 2023.

After its November 30, 2022 release, many marketers began using ChatGPT. The AI tool continues to dominate headlines as people debate how to use it, comment on its current accuracy level, and discuss whether or not it’s going to fundamentally change the way we work and use the internet.

The technology, even though it is in its infancy, is that advanced.

But let’s not get bogged down in the existential stuff in this post. The fact is that apps like ChatGPT can help marketers be better and more efficient at their jobs right now.

You might wonder how exactly AI apps can help marketing teams improve and optimize their strategies and workflows. Let’s find out by taking a deep dive into the world of AI applications like ChatGPT and Jasper.

What Is AI Content?

AI content is any type of digital content created or curated by an AI app. It can produce the following.

  • Text
  • Audio
  • Images
  • Videos

The power of AI comes from its ability to learn through experience, or “machine learning.” A computer program uses an algorithm to do the following.

  • Identify patterns
  • Assess situations
  • Create predictions

Unlike traditional writing tasks, producing AI-generated content is faster than manual work. Training the program with enough data will result in hundreds of customized content pieces.

Types of AI Content

Generated text is one of the most comment forms of AI content. An AI tool can be developed to produce social media posts, articles, and product descriptions. The AI algorithm looks at large data sets (i.e., previous social media posts or articles that you’ve written) to understand what structure and style you need. It then uses that information to create unique text that matches the style and structure without overtly duplicating the content.

You might also use AI to create images and videos. First, tell the AI algorithm to look at various video or image sources. Then, it will create unique content to use throughout your marketing efforts. Similar to written content, AI technology works to produce new images and videos similar in style and content but not identical to any one source.

Do you need help with customer service or maybe real-estate-related content? Consider using AI for interactive forms of content. You can try using chatbots or virtual reality experiences. 

A specific type of computer program, chatbots can understand and respond to humans in real-time. You might use them on your website for online shopping or customer service. Use virtual reality technology when you need to replace physical experiences. It can work for real estate agents to help a prospect walk through a home.

How Can AI Content Help Marketers?

As a marketer, AI can help you with the following.

  • Personalize your marketing messages
  • Generate new ideas
  • Refine your existing campaigns

The tech uses its algorithm to analyze customer preferences, so you can build out more personalized copy that speaks to their needs. You should see increased engagement in your marketing campaigns. Prospects and customers will feel more connected to your business, products, and services.

Think about ways you can use AI to identify industry trends. How can you invent new campaigns around those trends faster than competitors? A positive of AI is its ability to analyze extensive data resources at once. It’s then your job to tease out and discover insights from the results of your AI tool as it pools through various social media, customer reviews, and article conversations.

Lastly, you should try using AI to improve existing campaigns. Use advanced technology to analyze individual marketing strategies. Fine-tune your strategy over time with data-driven adjustments. You will likely see increased leads, sales, and overall revenue.

How To Use ChatGPT To Build Your Digital and SEO Strategies

ChatGPT is a powerful AI app that can help you build successful digital and SEO strategies. But remember that ChatGPT is only as good as the information you feed into it. You need to use commands effectively to produce your desired results, and understanding how to use these tools best to succeed can take a little time.

Content creation is one of the most common ways to use ChatGPT to build out a successful digital marketing strategy. Use it to create blog posts quickly and easily. Analyze data on topics relevant to your audience. Look for patterns in the language and tone of successful content.

Give ChatGPT better commands over time so it suggests new topics that help you generate quality blog posts. You can save significant time and effort as you get better at it, and you’ll no longer spend as many hours researching and writing each post.

Another advantage of ChatGPT is that you can effectively build comprehensive content marketing campaigns. Use AI-generated content to craft compelling headlines and SEO-friendly meta tags. Doing so will help boost organic traffic.

AI content can also repurpose existing content into new formats, such as videos or infographics. Use AI video tools to turn blog posts into AI-generated videos for a YouTube channel. Or, you can use your written content to tell image AI tools to create associated image files for blog articles and social media posts.

Which AI Tools Should You Try?

Other AI tools can help alongside your use of ChatGPT. One AI content tool to consider trying is Jasper. It offers several options, like content based on the Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action (AIDA) framework or writing blog conclusion paragraphs.

It also offers templates for putting together YouTube and Amazon descriptions, blog post outlines, company bios, FAQ sections, Google Business Profile copy, or mini video sales letters. Or, ask Jasper to create full blog posts for you. can help you write blog posts faster, write engaging emails, or create highly-engaged social media posts.

Here are some other AI tools to try:


One fear circulating is whether ChatGPT will replace marketing and content creation jobs. The reality is that this tool (like any other!) is only as good as the person operating it. So what can ChatGPT do? This AI for marketers can help you and your marketing team become faster and more efficient with each marketing campaign. So don’t worry about being replaced; worry more about how you can leverage these AI tools to make your marketing team lean and mean!

Please contact our professional team of digital marketers at WSI today for more information on AI and your SEO strategy.

About the Author

Rick spent 20 years in the insurance industry in finance, primarily developing reporting platforms for B & C stakeholders.   His ability to speak to consumers of data (managers and analysts) and translate their needs to programmers led him to start his own digital marketing agency in 2004 to develop data driven solutions for business owners. 


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