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The WSI Story

Our story begins in Toronto, Canada. The year was 1995. There was no Google, no Facebook, and a mobile device was something you put on your child’s crib, but that didn’t slow down our three co-founders who were looking to recreate the business world in cyberspace.

WSI was born from the visionary statement: ‘One day we will create the distribution unit for marketing goods and services around the world, using the Information Super Highway’.

Fast forward to today and WSI is the world’s largest Digital Marketing Network.

With agencies in over 80 countries we have the largest global footprint of any Google partner in the world.

We opened our doors at the dawn of Internet Marketing. We survived the dot-com bust when others didn’t. We’ve adapted our business model as the industry has evolved, and through it all, we’ve remained profitable every year.

We can proudly say that we have developed a proven methodology for developing digital marketing strategies. Have written two best-selling editions of Digital Minds book. Have partnered with some of the industries top brands and thought leaders and have become an award-winning solution provider to businesses of all sizes and across all industries around the world.

Over the course of WSI’s two plus decades in business, tactics have come and gone, trends have exploded and faded, and the world we live in has changed profoundly from when we first started this journey.

As a company we are resilient and we have learned how to adapt and how to help other businesses adapt and capitalize on their marketing efforts.

We may have been just a visionary statement at the start but we have grown into a powerful digital agency network. One that helps businesses realize their potential by leveraging the Internet and its many unrecognized opportunities.

If you would like help improving your pay-per-click advertising, get in touch.

WSI was founded in 1995 and is an innovative digital marketing agency with offices in over 80 countries. We’ve spent over 20 years helping more than 100,000 companies and large global brands unlock the full potential of their business by leveraging the Internet and its many unrecognized opportunities. We’d be happy to help do the same for you and consult on your digital marketing strategy.  Simply give us a call or get in touch with us at to learn more.


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