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Revisiting Your Digital Marketing Strategy Mid-Year: Tips and Tricks

June 12, 2024

Summary: It’s time for a digital marketing strategy mid-year review! Read our SEO tips and tricks to discover what’s still working in 2024.

At the midpoint of the year, it’s important to revisit your company’s marketing strategies. What may have been working six months ago can quickly become irrelevant if you’re not staying updated with what’s working in digital marketing. 

So, in this blog post, let’s explore ten tips and tricks for your marketing throughout 2024!

Effective SEO Techniques and Content Marketing Strategies in 2024

According to our findings, businesses looking to enhance user engagement, SEO performance, and overall profitability should prioritize the following strategies for the latter part of 2024:

1. Emphasizing User Experience (UX)

In 2024, search engines will prioritize websites that focus on the user experience. According to the UX Design Institute, businesses that improve their website’s UX design can achieve conversion rates as high as 400%, and 66% of customers say they are willing to pay more for a great user experience.

The key factors to consider for UX are how fast a page loads and if it is easy to use on mobile devices and has simple navigation. The website must be user-friendly and accessible, with valuable information in an easily understandable format. Using the right tools to understand user behavior analysis is crucial for improving the UX and meeting users’ and search engines’ expectations.

2. Voice Search Optimization

Optimizing for voice search is a must because of the many digital assistants now available. Here are some key statistics you need to know if voice search optimization isn’t already part of your marketing strategy:

These stats show that voice search isn’t going anywhere. For a business to be found and succeed online, it needs to adjust its content to match natural language and queries based on questions. We also recommend focusing on long-tail keywords that imitate conversation style.

3. High-Quality, Engaging Content

In 2024’s content world, quality is the king. Search engines are increasingly giving more importance to content that is well-researched, informative, and interesting to users rather than content that is stuffed with well-performing but irrelevant keywords.

This means that it’s never been more important to create high-quality material that meets your prospects’ needs. For example, Google prioritizes helpful, original content that addresses the reader’s search intent. That means crafting content that addresses a user’s needs, that delights and entertains. Beyond the value that quality content delivers for UX, creating high-quality content is key from an SEO perspective as well. Creating content that keeps users on the page for longer and generates higher interaction rates is important if you want to reach your SEO goals.

4. Mobile-First Indexing

With the high usage of mobile devices, mobile-first indexing has become more important than ever. Google and other search engines mainly use the mobile version of a website to index and rank a site, which means if the mobile version of your website is slow or poorly optimized, it can negatively impact your SEO rankings.

This highlights the need for mobile optimization for SEO purposes and the overall user experience. Read Google’s mobile-first indexing best practices to learn what it recommends.

5. AI and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing the way we think about SEO strategies. AI tools can help us understand search patterns and how people behave when searching the Internet. According to Bloomreach, this starts with site search tools collecting data from various sources, such as customer demographics and behavior, product information, and historical search data.

This data forms the basis of the search tool’s knowledge, allowing it to understand what users are looking for based on how they phrase their queries via natural language processing (NLP). This can help produce more focused content and greatly impact your SEO efforts over the next six months. 

6. Local SEO for Wider Reach

Local SEO is still essential, especially if your business wants to reach people in specific geographical locations. says that 69% of digital traffic arises from local and organic searches. SEO practices like optimizing for local keywords, keeping your Google Business Profile current, and offering location-specific details on websites are critical strategies for improving local presence and drawing the right kind of visitors.

7. Building Quality Backlinks

Backlinking is still a vital SEO strategy, emphasizing the importance of quality. The more relevant backlinks a website has, the more likely search engines will consider it a reliable source of information. Collecting backlinks from trustworthy and high-authority sites shows your reliability and power to search engines, which boosts rankings.

Some tips for building quality backlinks in 2024 include updating old content, publishing original research, getting links from directories and resource pages, reverse engineering competitor backlinks, and getting help from partners, industry contacts, and suppliers.

8. Video Content for Enhanced Engagement

Videos have a significant role in increasing interaction and the time people spend on websites. According to Wistia’s State of Video Report, longer videos on resource pages collect more clicks per page visit because they’re packed with more educational info than shorter videos. Most people coming to these landing pages are there because they want more info, making them more likely to make that all-important click.

Marketing videos can help generate brand awareness, engagement, and leads. Optimizing video titles, descriptions, and tags for search engines with useful keywords improves their visibility and attracts more natural visitors.

9. Structured Data for Rich Snippets

Structured data markup plays a crucial role in enhancing your website’s visibility and attracting more clicks through the use of rich snippets. By implementing structured data, search engines are better able to understand the content on your website, leading to more relevant and prominent placement in search results.

Rich snippets are additional pieces of information that appear alongside your website’s listing in search results, providing users with a quick preview of what your content has to offer. These rich snippets can include images, ratings, pricing information, and more, making your listing stand out and increasing the likelihood of users clicking through to your website.

In essence, structured data acts as a roadmap for search engines, guiding them through your site’s content and helping them better interpret its relevance to user queries. By leveraging structured data markup effectively, you can not only improve your website’s visibility but also establish yourself as a credible and authoritative source of information in your industry.

Incorporating structured data into your SEO strategy is a powerful way to optimize your website for search engines and enhance the overall user experience. By providing search engines with clear and organized information about your content, you can increase the chances of your website appearing in rich snippets, ultimately driving more traffic and engagement to your site.

10. Staying Updated with Algorithm Updates

Staying updated with algorithm updates is crucial for maintaining SEO success in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Search engine algorithms are constantly being refined and updated to provide users with the most relevant and high-quality search results. This means that businesses must be adaptable and flexible in their SEO strategies to keep up with these changes and stay ahead of the competition.

By staying informed about algorithm updates and understanding how they impact search rankings, businesses can make necessary adjustments to their SEO tactics to ensure continued visibility and success online. This proactive approach to algorithm changes allows businesses to pivot quickly and optimize their strategies for improved performance.

Doing well in 2024 with SEO techniques and content marketing strategies requires adaptability and a varying approach. Prioritise the user experience, use new technologies, and focus on high-quality content. When businesses follow these strategies and keep up with industry trends, the best results can be achieved.

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About the Author

Rick spent 20 years in the insurance industry in finance, primarily developing reporting platforms for B & C stakeholders.   His ability to speak to consumers of data (managers and analysts) and translate their needs to programmers led him to start his own digital marketing agency in 2004 to develop data driven solutions for business owners. 


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