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Inbound marketing resources – What your customers are trying to teach you

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Inbound marketing resources – What your customers are trying to teach you

Inbound marketing is the buzz phrase right now, proving itself to be the tried and trusted approach to marketing since 2006. When it comes to marketing today, brands need to not only put the customer first but listen to the customer. It’s about giving them what they want or making your product or service something they will want. Your customers are talking: it’s time to join the conversation. 

Identifying your audience

When you first start a company or launch a brand, it’s easy to think you can decide who your target audience is. However, it is becoming a trend that a different audience may find a brand. For example, let’s look at “My Little Pony,” the children’s cartoon. Using no advertising whatsoever, the show has gained the attention of males between the ages of 18 and 35 years of age, a demographic that no one expected to fall in love with a cartoon about pastel-colored magical unicorns. In fact, this audience has become the main audience for the brand and the brand has decided to embrace the new audience with events such as BronyCon which has proved a huge success.   A “brony” is a nickname for a man in this age group who loves “My Little Pony.”

How to let your audience find you

Online and inbound marketing is the perfect way for your target audience to come to you. Being present on social media and other online channels allows people to find you. By using digital marketing, social media marketing and other forms of marketing on the web, you are creating content and therefore people can find you. People are searching for your brand, the trick is to be easily found and easy to follow.

Putting together an inbound marketing strategy is the best way for your audience and your customer to find you. Whether it’s creating a platform where your customers can either compliment or contact you, being available is the first step. Get in touch with us at WSI and download this checklist to get yourself started. We are the experts in PPC, paid advertising, content marketing and more. Contact us today.


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