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Targeted Lead Generation

Improving Targeted Lead Generation

A highly targeted lead generation strategy has a direct impact on your marketing budget and effectiveness of your sales pipeline.  Here are four vital online advertising techniques to help you improve your return on investment by capturing targeting leads and turning them into loyal customers.

  1. Pay Per Click and AdWords Advertising

A great way of targeting customers is with Pay Per Click Advertising, allowing you to select specific search phrases that will generate your ad.  By using Google AdWords you can display your ads on the most relevant websites used by your target audience.

  1. Focus In With Micro Targeting

Collecting and analyzing data about consumer behaviors and tastes can shape your message to suit different audiences. Advertising on social media websites means your ads can be positioned according to:

  • Audiences
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Location
  • Interests
  • And more
  1. Boost Display Ads Using Retargeting

Micro targeting can be taken even further. You can retarget individuals based on previous interactions.  For example, if they visited your website you can then have your ads appear on websites they visit increasing their chance of returning.

  1. Zoom in With Location Targeting

Targeting can happen at a local level using specially designed ads for:

  • Searchers
  • Specific regions
  • Radius location

You can target your ads according to a person’s geographical interests. The first part of the job is to attract targeted visitors to your website. To turn your visitors into leads you need to apply smart lead capture measures. Pre-qualifying your website visitors will improve ad targeting giving you the best chance of turning a visitor into a lead and eventually into a new customer.

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