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Here’s why your inbound marketing strategy is failing

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Here’s why your inbound marketing strategy is failing

So you’ve done your research, and invested in inbound marketing for your business. You understand concepts like social media marketing, PPC and targeted lead attraction. It’s been a while and for some reason, it didn’t go as well as you thought it would. Here are some core reasons why your inbound marketing strategy could be failing: 

You don’t know your customer

It is important that you unpack more than basic demographics. You should be able to describe your ideal client personas including their motivations, fears or challenges, indirect influences, how they make decisions. Talk to current and potential clients and be open to the fact that your clients will evolve over time.

You don’t know your competitor

If you don’t know your competition, it’s time to go and do some more research on who else is out there. You also need to understand similar business models to your own. It is a good idea to understand the role-players in your industry – not all are competitors and identifying symbiotic relationships is important. Once you understand the ecosystem and the competition, you MUST be able to set yourself apart. Nobody wants to see more-of-the-same. What puts you above the others? What makes you significantly better? This is the hand to which you must play, and don’t be subtle about it. Your distinctions should be so obvious that it becomes a no-brainer when choosing your company.

You haven’t asked an expert

When it comes to your business, you are the expert. But let’s be real, inbound marketing is one of the most complex marketing exercises that you will ever embark on. Unless you have experience, it’s tough to get your digital marketing right on the first attempt. This is why you should consult a professional with specialist experience. Put your paid advertising to good use and let the techno gurus guide you through what works and what doesn’t.

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