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Can Sales Benefit From Inbound Marketing?

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Can Sales Benefit From Inbound Marketing?

Out with the old, and in with the new

Question 1: When last did you watch the ads during your favorite TV show?

We are being exposed to more and more information than ever before. Newstex compared it this way: “five exabytes of content were created between the birth of the world and 2003. By 2013, five exabytes of content were created each single day.

In other words, your digital marketing message must be significant enough to penetrate the din.

Question 2: On the other hand, when you bought the TV you’re watching it on, did you research your options online?

According to Dr Martin Hilbert and his team at the University of Southern California who calculated the extent of the information revolution and digital age using complex equations, “the world’s capacity for two-way telecommunication, such as internet and phone networks, grew by 28% per year while one-way information flows through television and radio grew at the much more modest rate of 6% per year.”

The digital age has radically changed the way consumers do business. They have taken back their power, and seek out information on the products or services they want to buy.

So how can you leverage this new way of buying? With inbound marketing, of course!

Instead of pushing out marketing messages via TV, radio, and print ads; think of drawing your prospects in with information that amuses, inspires, advises, and educates them. Social media marketing is a great place to catch their eye. From there, good-quality content marketing communicates in a way that engages them meaningfully enough to break through their powerful filter.

The best way to boost sales is by going inbound. Despite the information overload, we are exposed to daily, someone out there wants to know all about your business. Once they have found you through your powerful content, paid advertising and PPC can assist in keeping you in their sights.

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