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Social media marketing in Atlanta: Five tips that will help your Tweets stand out

Are you ready to get noticed on Twitter? Our Atlanta social media marketing specialists have put together a list of five handy tips that will help your Tweets stand out. Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world and with millions of Tweets sent every day it may seem a bit overwhelming, but Twitter is an excellent way to get your company noticed, connect with others in your industry and stay aware of important industry news. Here’s how you can make your Tweets stand out:


  1. When you retweet something, personalize it. Many people just click the retweet button without adding their own commentary, but adding a brief question or comment gives your tweet context and adds your voice to the discussion.
  2. If you find an article you think is important, share it more than once. This is particularly important for the sake of time zones because some of your followers may have been asleep the first time you shared it. Don’t simply copy and paste the same tweet multiple times – write a few different headlines and change it up.
  3. Take advantage of the Trending Topics feature. Twitter allows you to view trending topics for your geographical area, so if any topics are relevant to you, tweet about them and use the appropriate hashtag.
  4. Use visual content. Studies have shown visual content such as infographics, videos and images are the most frequently shared type of content on social media. As humans, we relate quickly to an image or a video, while infographics are visually appealing to most. If you can communicate your message using images or video clips, certainly do so.
  5. Last but definitely not least, be yourself. Twitter gives you an excellent opportunity to voice your opinions, communicate with customers and share your personality with the world. When you create your own unique voice, people will listen.

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