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Rising Online Sales Through Display Advertising

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Rising Online Sales Through Display Advertising

Rising Online Sales Through Display Advertising

For effective digital marketing campaigns, combine different online tactics that work with each other.  One of these is display advertising, which functions like billboards, but more effectively.

Here are 5 ways to improve your display ads to strengthen your brand and increase your online sales.

1.  Start with Targeting

The level of targeting you can achieve online cannot be matched by traditional advertising.  When it comes to display campaigns you can find your intended audience vis-a-vis:

  • Geographic targeting
  • Demographic targeting
  • Behavioral targeting
  • Site specific targeting

These techniques bring quality visitors to your website landing pages and improve your chance of conversion.

2.  Pay Attention to Design

The design of your display ad should include your

  • Brand
  • Offer
  • Call to Action

Be creative, be bold and be noticed.

3.  Deploy Remarketing

Retarget your ads to consumers who have already visited your website through remarketing.  By doing this you can build brand awareness and encourage prospects to return to your website, which in turn increases the results of your online marketing efforts.

4.  Hone Your Landing Page

Your landing page focus on conversion.  Remove distractions and present your content in a way that directs visitors to take your intended course of action.

5.  Know Your Cost Per Acquisition

The key performance indicator of an online ad campaign should be returned on investment.  Tracking your key metrics and benchmarks will help you identify where to make improvements.

Marketers that wish to stay in front of their target audience should use display advertising and tactics like remarketing.

If you would like to improve your online advertising, get in touch.

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