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Evergreen content is a vital part of SEO services in Atlanta

February 5, 2017

If you’re looking to put more effort into your SEO for your business in Atlanta, optimizing your evergreen content could be the perfect starting point.

What is evergreen content?

Like a tree that keeps its leaves year-round, evergreen content keeps its relevance. It doesn’t matter if this content is viewed by a client online tomorrow or next year, it will still be useful, informative and current. Examples of this would be an introductory blog about your product or service – say, that you treat pet dogs as a veterinarian. No matter when a prospective client reads this, it will still have relevance to them, unlike the blog about say, an outbreak of kennel cough five years ago.

So, what do I have to do in terms of SEO?

First of all, if you haven’t got evergreen content at the moment, start developing a few blogs each month along those lines. Items like “Frequently Asked Questions”, “How to” guides and lists of resources are a good starting point.

Then, do keyword research to find out how your clients are trying to find you. Take these keywords and incorporate them into your evergreen content – if you already have content, a quick and clever re-write in a few lines should be fine. Be sure to link these keywords back to the relevant products and services to ensure that you get a good click-through rate. Occasionally revisit these blogs every few months to keep them current.

Who can I go to for help?

If you’d like evergreen content developed or modified on your behalf, it’s best to partner with a professional internet marketing company. At WSI in Atlanta, we can give you affordable SEO services that will deliver optimal results. Contact us today.


About the Author

Rick spent 20 years in the insurance industry in finance, primarily developing reporting platforms for B & C stakeholders.   His ability to speak to consumers of data (managers and analysts) and translate their needs to programmers led him to start his own digital marketing agency in 2004 to develop data driven solutions for business owners. 


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